I love photographs. They are our windows into the past. They trigger memories. They tell stories. They teach us about ourselves and our family. Whenever I’ve gathered with loved ones and we’ve looked through old photos, I’m always taken by the emotion they’ve rekindled. A reluctant, cumbersome exercise of looking through boxes of unorganized papers becomes a journey through personal history, a chance to reflect and share with loved ones and another wonderful memory created with family and friends.

With a background in television production and editing, I've always had an interest in images and the stories behind them. A single photograph can capture so much emotion, life, energy, history. Spotlighting the beauty in one's face and the natural movement of their body reveals so much about a person. A child tossing leaves above their head makes not just a great shot but displays how expressive and full of life they are. It shows their personality. Are they worried about the leaves falling back on their head? Has this jump in the leaves made them giggle uncontrollably?

Photography is, for me, a way of not only collecting memories but capturing individual personality, emotion and love between family and friends. It is so important to capture loved ones in pictures. Life is fleeting. Our children grow up in the blink of an eye. Our loved ones move on or move away and years pass. Take the time to capture your life in images. Take time to photograph and be photographed.

For photography pricing and information please email julie_lowery@yahoo.com


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